HEREDIA. The most important Pan-American event of a global open nature in Central America and one of the most successful in the world opens the doors for children, youth and adults to come once again to Costa Rica to experience another great Taekwondo party.

Just a few weeks ago, there were extraordinary scenes of the official cadet and youth Pan American championships, in addition to the PanAm Series II tests, endorsed by the World Taekwondo, Panamerican TKD Union and the Costa Rican Federation of the specialty.

For many, Costa Rica has become the epicenter of Taekwondo in America. In fact, these championships have been the most successful activity in terms of mass in the first half of the year for the continent, «this Costa Rica Open 2022 will not be the exception», argues Wilmar Alvarado, president of the Costa Rican TKD Federation. .


The invitation is available online on the event website and in the WT GMS system, both in Spanish and English. You can also see it on the Pan American Taekwondo Union website.

You are also invited to participate in the Festival of Colors, registration is now open for all ages and grades, on the event website, where you can find the Excel forms to complete the due registration and send them to the email

Carlos Hernández