The Costa Rican Taekwondo Federation invited Para-Taekwondo expert, Michael Sirota from Canada to conduct a two day intensive Para-Taekwondo Instructor Seminar.

The 15 hour seminar featured all aspects of Para-Taekwondo including understanding the Para-Taekwondo Movement, Disability Awareness Training, the Paralympic Games and its History, Training Methodologies, Understanding the Classification System  and Developing successful Para-Taekwondo programs.

Instructors had the opportunity to have hands-on training via various scenarios presented by the Facilitator. This included an exercise where everyone was wearing a blindfold to bring awareness of working with people with visual impairment. Role playing also included teaching people with physical disabilities and intellectual disorders.

Great discussion was placed on working with children with autism spectrum disorder. As autism is the fastest growing ‘disability’ affecting 1 in 68 births, many instructors have already had experience working with children with autism. Mr. Sirota shared some methodologies that can effectively impact children by bringing Life Skill education to the existing Taekwondo programs.

The group of instructors who attended the Para-Taekwondo Seminar showed a genuine interest in working with people with special abilities and helping them achieve a good life” states Master Michael Sirota.

 “I am very blessed in having the ability to share my passion and vision of Taekwondo for All and thank Costa Rica Taekwondo in having insight into the importance of developing Para-Taekwondo. I am confident that the instructors attending have acquired skills and knowledge that will assist them in operating successful Para-Taekwondo classes in their Taekwondo Schools” he continues

Costa Rica Taekwondo Federation is leading the Para-Taekwondo  Movement in Central America with a committed leadership that is investing into programs where all individuals regardless of their ability can practice and benefit from Taekwondo.

With Para-Taekwondo gaining great international momentum and support, Paralympic Games inclusion is a reality. National Taekwondo Federations have already made commitments to host Para-Taekwondo Instructor Seminars lead by Michael Sirota. As more countries start developing and investing into their Para-Taekwondo programs, it will provide access to the 1 billion people currently living with some form of disability.

Master Sirota also shared with the group of his newest project; the creation of an online Para-Taekwondo Instructor Certification Course. This comprehensive course is completely online providing every individual regardless of where they live the opportunity to learn about para-taekwondo and become a proficient instructor. For additional information on this Para-Taekwondo Instructor Program, please visit

For additional information on seminars and instructor certification courses, please contact Global Para-Taekwondo Consultancy –

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Carlos Hernández