SERBIA. Considered by the popular vote of the World Taekwondo as the best coach in the world 2021, Dragan Jovic presents once again, his international training camp in Serbia.

The renowned coach of world and olympic medalist athletes expressed excitement in welcoming athletes from all over the world to one of the most recognized and fabulous training camps of the Olympic Taekwondo family «2022 Galeb Summer Camp».

Milica Mandic (Serbia) two times Olympic Champion and World Champion. (Galeb-Club).

Jovic Dragan, also known for his extraordinary charisma, is recognized several times as the best sports coach in Serbia, ahead of professional coaches in other sports.


Some of tham have after Tokyo medal more like Anastasia Zolotic (Olimpic gold),Hedaya Malak second time bronze in Tokio,Milica Mandic one more olympic gold,Tijana Bogdanovic bronze in Tokyo more,Adriana Olympic silver, And others Medalist.

This 2022 camp stands out because it will be held in a beautiful location and will feature outstanding athletes from all five continents.

Carlos Hernández ( and Dragan Jovic (Galeb Club And Serbia Olympic Coach) in Winter Training Camp (Spain).

«We are delighted to say that couple of thousand people
have participated in camp and program, from all over the world! Some of the best fighters – Olympic, World, European, Pan American, Asian, African champions prepared at Vrnjačka Banja for many competitions», Says Master Dragan Jovic.


This year’s camp will also be held at Vrnjačka Banja (all inclusive stay at “Zepter hotel”) for cadets, juniors and seniors.
This popular touristic location in Serbia is located 220 km away from Belgrade (the nation’s
capital) and full of several fascinating attractions.

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