This Friday, the official opening ceremony of the 2023 European Club Championship organized by the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation (BTF) and the European TKD Union (ETU) was held at the Hotel Marinela in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As is customary at each opening act, the President of the Bulgarian Federation, Slavi Binev, invites great personalities. From the president of the country to the king, through officials and artists, the idea is to give Taekwondo importance.

Slavi Binev, 8 Dan Honorary from Kukkiwon, President of Bulgaria Taekwondo Federation, ETU Board member, welcomed the participants, athletes, coaches, referees to this event.

He was accompanied at this opening ceremony by Mrs. Stefka Kostadinova – President of Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Deputies Minister of Sports Mr Petar Georgiev, The GM of the martial arts in Bulgaria Gen Chavdar Chernev, The Honorary President Of ETU and President of Children Taekwondo Federation Grand Master Park, Despatch master for Bulgaria and Europe Master Park, ETU Sports Director Ioannis Mouroutsos and Ali Sagirkaya (ETU).

During the ceremony, Master Slavi Binev presented awards to distinguished personalities, including famous theater and television actors, as well as martial arts practitioners, Asen Blatechki and Kalin Vrachanski, who showed off their board-breaking skills.

President Binev was accompanied by all his work staff, the referees from Europe, and various media who gathered to cover the great international event that has brought together participants from 60 countries on four continents in all categories and modalities.

I am very happy and proud to have this competition in Sofia, we will continue to promote the sport in Bulgaria, said Binev while thanking everyone for his effort and work.

Stefka Georgieva Kostadinova, head of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee since 1995, is an Olympic and world champion with a record including vault. Practically a celebrity in Bulgaria highlighted the work of Taekwondo and the efforts to get medals for the country.

The competitions of the European Club Championship will continue until Sunday in the convention hall of the Marinela hotel in Sofia.

Carlos Hernandez / Wannes Laleman