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2023 European Club Championships is Open for All worldwide clubs (Poomsae & Kyrougui)

The best Taekwondo clubs in Europe and the world will land in Sofia, to participate from April 27 to 30, 2023 in the European Club Championship, an event that will be held at the Hotel Marinela Sofía,...

Play List (VIDEO) Belgium Open 2023

Lommel, Bel. 18 march

Taekwondo wants the best Referees for Paris 2024

The European zone Taekwondo Judges Selection Camp was successfully completed, an activity that was carried out in Brussels with the World Taekwondo evaluators. Song Chul Kim and Amely Moras,...

The highest European champions in Taekwondo

The Spanish Coral Bistuer is the top winner of gold medals in European Taekwondo championships with five medals. The 1992 Barcelona Olympic champion was the greatest figure in Spanish and European women's taekwondo in the 1980s to...

European Taekwondo multi-medalists (Men)

Geremia Di Costanzo from Italy and Servet Tazegul are the athletes with the most European titles in history since 1976, when the first European event was held in Barcelona, Spain.

  Five (05) continents And The Best  Taekwondo Stars  support Bulgaria Open 2023.

SOFIA. The official competitions of the Bulgaria Open (G2) to be held in “Asics Arena” Sofia City from 03 to 05 march, will begin with the  kyrougy Senior and the categories of the youngest, Cadet – Youth.

Open de Andalucia se proyecta a full velocidad en el ambito internacional

CORDOBA.  Tras el éxito rotundo en esta versión del XIV Open Internacional de Andalucía 2022,  se puede decir sin temor a equivocarnos,  que este gran campeonato, creado e idealizado para ofrecer a los andaluces una experiencia internacional,...

SIGN UP NOW! 🖥️ Israel Open 2022 (G2).

From 13-14 August the WINNER ISRAEL OPEN 2022 is scheduled to take place in Ramla Israel. The G2 event will feature Kyrougy action in Senior, Junior and Cadet categories. The G2 Winner...

Entrenadores de Prestigio mundial en Campamento en Galicia España (A tiempo para inscribirte)

ESPAÑA. Stage Polc International será un Training Camp que se realizará este verano en Pontevedra (Galicia-España) del 27 de junio al 2 de julio con la participación de técnicos reconocidos de varias partes del mundo, deportistas en ascenso cadetes, juveniles y senior...

Importante Movimiento de Defensa Personal para Mujeres en España

Woman Defense es un programa de autoprotección femenina que ayuda a las mujeres a defenderseante cualquier tipo de agresión. El proyecto nace hace más de 10 años por la necesidad que surge de proveer...

Happy 48th Anniversary to ETU

This May 02, the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) celebrates 48 years of foundation. Today it is one of the most consolidated Taekwondo institutions.  It became an Olympic power beating the Asian continent in the...

Coach Dragan Jovic presents: “27 High performance – 2022 Galeb Summer Camp”. (Information Here).

SERBIA. Considered by the popular vote of the World Taekwondo as the best coach in the world 2021, Dragan Jovic presents once again, his international training camp in Serbia.