“I started Taekwondo at the age of 15, and ever since, for 46 years, I have constantly been engaged in matters related to the changes and development of Taekwondo”, says Kook Hyung.

Candidate Kook.

“As an athlete in the national team representing Korea in my younger days, I have earned four consecutive gold medals at the World Championships, and with winning a gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, where taekwondo made its first appearance in the Olympics, I think that I have played a major role in promoting taekwondo to the world”.

-Soon after I retired as an athlete, I continued to contribute to the world of taekwondo by promoting the development of competition skills as a coach, teaching young and adult athletes alike to be the best they can be. Currently, I teach at the Korea Sports University, doing my best to further develop and promote taekwondo. Additionally, I have actively taken part in a program promoted by the IOC, the IOC Solidarity Program, to contribute to the development of taekwondo technology in underdeveloped countries.

-Having served as a Council Member for two terms, there have been disappointments, but I can truly say that I have done my best.

-If the taekwondo families will continue to trust and support me, I will put my best effort forward with all my experiences to guide me to continue to do my utmost to carry on with the worldwide growth of taekwondo.

Please support and vote for me. Let’s run the race together for the future of taekwondo.