Kukkiwon, the highest house of Taekwondo, will offer a great certification opportunity soon in various parts of the world, in order to train instructors in world Taekwondo updates.


This event is Hosted by WTMU and supported by CUTA.

2022 Kukkiwon Seminars

Organized by.

World Taekwondo Master Union

Supported by.

California United Taekwondo Association (CUTA).

Fresno City

International Master Seminar
November 9Th-11Th.

Online International Master Seminar
November 10Th – 11Th.

Poom/ Dan Examiner Seminar
November 12Th-13Th

By. Kukkiwon Academy

Information CUTA.

Email: cutastates@gmail.com
Office: +1 (909)5784799
Website: catkd.org

Information WTMU

Email: wtmu.org@gmail.com
Web: wtmu.org
@official_cuta / @kukkiwon_kr