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More than 1200 competitors from all over the country participated in the national taekwondo championships in Bulgaria, in the modalities of Poomsae, Kyrougi, and Kiokpa, resulting in an organizational success.

The tournament was organized by the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation in the city of Botevgrad, with the participation of some of the best athletes and coaches in the country, a prelude to the Bulgarian Open G2, to be held on March 3-6 in Sofia.



Personalities present In the magnificent championship held in the Botevgrad Arena.

important personalities of the Bulgarian TKD were present, highlighting the masters Chavdar Chernev, Bulgarian Federation President Slavi Binev, Valentin Transki, former Bulgarian athlete Vladimir Dalakliev and national coach Farzad Zolhadri.

Bulgarian Open G2, to be held on March 3-6 in Sofia.

Prior to the tournament, the annual Assembly was held, as well as training and meetings.


Venue: Botevgrad Arena

1.TC Hereya

2.TC Condor 2000

3.TC Phoenix

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Foto: BTF.