SOFIA. With the start of the new year, preparations for 2023 also begin, and the Bulgarian Taekwondo  team will seek to further improve its sporting performance with specific goals and objectives.

Starting in 2023, the Bulgarian national team will have a training camp in Belmeken for 20 days, where they will carry out two practice sessions in order to be in physical and technical shape towards the 2023 pre-Olympic championship.

The year is full of key championships, and even two of them will be back in Bulgaria with the G2 Open and the European Club Championship.

According to the Bulgarian Federation chaired by Master Slavi Binev, the two scheduled events will have a positive impact to increase the sport in the country and improve the quality of all existing athletes.

In Belmeken are training until January 28, 2023, ten (10) of the best athletes in Bulgaria at the moment.

All are motivated under the leadership of Farzad Zolghadri and the organization of the Bulgarian Taekwondo federation.

They are:
Christian Georgiev
Lubomir Bogdanov
Hristo Bogdanov
Bozhidar Avramov
Mitko Georgev
Alexander Georgev
Kaloyan Binev
Martina Atanasova
Selene Gunduz
Alexandra Georgieva

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