The event organized by the Bulgaria  Taekwondo Federation,  directed by Slavi Binev,  endorsed by the, World European Taekwondo and World Taekwondo, is undoubtedly one of the best events in Europe and the world.

The Bulgaria Open 2023 (G2) has had an impeccable presentation, top-level players and judges, electronic systems that worked correctly (Kpnp), livestream (Restrike), draws (taekoplan), staff medical, volunteers, collaborators, press media to give visibility to the public on social networks (, punctuality, security and order in the competition.

The staff Bulgaria Taekwondo Federation, Master Slavi Binev, president, Mr Hristo Georgiev – Vice President of Taekwondo Bulgaria, Dimitar Avramov – board member of BTF , and Petar Palazov – vice president, Ilya Dimitrov – chair of the Organising Committee, Alexander Minev – Secretary General of BTF, Plamen Velev – Board Member of BTF and Violetta Ivanova,  are doing a great job to make Bulgaria a nice taekwondo destination and also to make a great team competition, both in kyrougui and poomsae.

«I am happy because we did the event with much love and dedication for the friends of world Taekwondo. We had greats athletes,  including  Korea national team members, in addition, several Olympic medalists from GB, Turkiye, Croatia, Serbia, Israel, CIV,  among others», said Binev.

The President of the Federation of Bulgaria also welcomed the presence of high authorities of his country and diplomats. «The Taekwondo open marked history with the presence at the inauguration of the King of Bulgaria Simeone II, ambassadors and national government personalities», explained Binev.

Taekwondo party

Trophies for

Galeb Club of Serbia won the cadet category by teams with two gold medals, in a category where 58 delegations participated.

In the junior category, the Turkish team, Telekon, was victorious by taking three golds and one silver, with 52 teams participating.

In senior (G2) the Great Britain national team clinched the championship with the presence of all its world and Olympic stars, highlighting Jade Jones, Bianca Cook and Bradly Sinden, all Bulgarian Open champions.

In the Poomsae modality, France won by teams, while Bulgaria surprised with second place.

The competition (56 countrys) was held in all high performance categories, cadet, junior and seniors. The current WT regulation, Video Replay, was used and nine (09) areas were enabled on the last day of kyrougui.

The technical delegate of the World Taekwondo,  Renata Volaric, and Ioannis Mouroustsos, sport director ETU, were satisfied with this Bulgaria Open 2023.  They did a great job supervising all the necessary requirements so that everything is fulfilled in the best possible way.

The next time

The federation staff have been great and planned organizers of this event. They are currently preparing for future competitions, where they plan to host thousands of Taekwondo competitors.

For the 2023 Bulgaria Open edition, the Poomsae category was included. The competition was fierce in the senior category, being part of the most outstanding poomsae in Europe, and several Asian countries.

Bulgaria Team

This event was carried out thanks to the presence of athletes, coaches, judges, managers, relatives of Taekwondo with the great contribution of government institutions, friendly companies.

Carlos Hernández

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