The Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation and its president, Mr. Slavi Binev, present the international championship Bulgaria Open 2023. This championship will have the world ranking of Kyrougy (G2), while the Juniors and Cadets (E2) categories.

Sports Complex “Asics Arena” in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The spectacular tournament will take place from March 02 to 05, 2023 (Kyrougy). 

With experience in organizing World Taekwondo Championships, Grand Prix and Multi Games, the Federation has the capacity to hold a category event.

Pesident Dr Chungwon Choue, President ETU Sakis Pragalos and Mr Slavi Binev.

«As pre-Olympic year we well know how important is the best performance of theathletes. Therefore, we will do our most to provide the best conditions for all teammembers. I am sure, your teams will enjoy the hospitality of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation», said Slavi Binev, President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation.

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