Sally and Jonah Ismael, Taekwondo fighters Won a Congress Award from the United States House of Representatives for sitting down and achieving outstanding goals, they qualified for the European Cadet Championship when they competed in the first multi-game in Bulgaria and participated in the European Cadet Championship in Spain and Sally took 5th place.

Sally and Jonah trained over 200 weeks for 4 years in a small garage for more than 3 hours a day. They maintained a positive attitude and developed a growth mindset. Although they are young in age but they are great in their actions.

They qualified to go to the World Cadet Championship in Uzbekistan and Jonah took 5th place. Both obtained an honorable scholarship from the National Junior Honor Society for their outstanding leadership, character, community service, scholarship, and citizenship.

The twin’s mother studies sport psychology and she was sitting hours with them in the garage during summer, fall,winter times, during hot times and very cold times to encourage them and fed their mind with positivity and hope.

They want to show other young athletes that isn’t important where you train,or  who you train with ,the most important is the athlete’s mindset .how badly he want to achieve YOUR  goal and the most important is a strong will and positivity all the way.