When the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 approach, in the second participation of this modality in the Paralympic context, the Brazilian delegation obtained first place in the Paralympic Games in Santiago 2023.

Brazil added four (04) gold medals, 03 bronze medals and nine bronze medals, while Mexico followed with 2 gold medals, five (05) silver medals and two (02) bronze medals.

Third place was shared with a gold medal each, the delegations of;  Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and the United States.

Also on the podium were Cuba with one (01) silver and three (03) bronze, the Dominican Republic with (01) silver and one (01) bronze, Aruba, Chile, Guatemala and Venezuela occupied ninth place with one bronze metal each.

Part of the official team and managers of the Parataekwondo modality of the World Taekwondo were present at the competition days, together with the referees of the Pan American Taekwondo Union.



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