MUNDOTAEKWONDO.COM pleased to Announce this year´s 3 er Annual Edge Taekwondo Academy Festival and UFTKD Sparring Rumble VII, for Master Sandy Arias.  This event be held on Sunday, May 19 th in ELMCOR.

I think it is a great representation of the attitude behind this friendly and beneficial event, as well as a reminder of the challenges of daily Tae Kwon Do training”, said Master Sandy Arias. (EDGE TAEKWONDO) 

Joseph Lupo Jr and Jefferson Ventura be part this awesome tournament where come the best players from United States. “We believe in taekwondo as an element to positively change society and especially youth”, said the Masters. 

Tournament: Form, Breaking, Rumble Sparring, Elite Sparring (DAEDO)

Are all invited for this great taekwondo party in the big apple.