On August 13 and 14, one of the most anticipated events in Taekwondo is scheduled to take place, the Israel World Open Category G2.

Avishag Semberg

Two important athletes from this country will be the figures that will welcome this event. They are; Avishag Semberg Olympic medalist and Asaf Yasur world champion Parataekwondo, who together with the rest of their teams are preparing to receive competitors from various parts of the world.

After the end of the official competition, the Israeli Taekwondo Federation plans to hold a training camp where countries and local teams will be. This Stage will take place from August 15 to 18, allowing the participating teams to train and also get to know beautiful locations in Israel.

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Venue: Kyriat Menahem hall, Yair Shtern 29, Ramla

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Ricardo  Hernandez (MT).