ALBANIA. European Taekwondo is preparing to participate in the modalities of Poomsae – Kyrougy and Parataekwondo in the 7th edition of the G2 President’s Cup of the European continent.

This great Taekwondo championship will be held in Albania from 17 to 27 February 2022, with a deployment of athletes, coaches, judges from various parts of the world.

The Organising Committee continues with the preparations to welcome the European Taekwondo family, which will have its first big official event, where the best athletes from several continents are expected to be present.

WT President’s Cup 2022 will be held at the Grand Blue Fafa Resort in Durres, on the Albanian coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Durres Beach.

One of the advantages of this competition that attracts the world’s best athletes to the Albanian shores is that winning first place will have advantageous consequences in the senior Kyrougy category.

The Gold medalists of the Senior divisions, (February 20-22), will receive a quota for the G4 European Senior Championships Manchester 2022. The applicable quota rules are effective.


The tournament will start with the Poomsae events on February 17 and 18, Parataekwondo will have action on February 18, followed by the Senior category on February 20-22. The Albanian President’s Cup culminates with the Junior category from February 23-27.

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