One of the world’s favourite athletes for his technical prowess and lightning speed may be thinking of officially retiring from Taekwondo tournaments.

The sportsman is a former world junior champion, two-time Olympic qualifier, Grand Prix medallist, world bronze medallist and showman who has officially represented three countries, Great Britain, Isle of Man and Moldova in his attempts to become Olympic champion.

Aaron Cook, who teamed up with his brother Luke Cook to travel the world and accumulate medals, has been an exceptional athlete who has beaten some of the sport’s greatest athletes in his career.

With significant popularity and being boyfriend to one of the stars of the moment Bianca Walkden, Aaron Cook has not been sleeping while the athlete’s time is passing. He has been sharing his knowledge through seminars all over the world.

Just recently his brother Luke made a Facebook announcement of Aaron Cook’s retirement, even saying that he is already training people and will soon be in the saddle, although when we checked with Luke he preferred that news to be released by Aaron himself.

What is certain is that Aaron Cook is a great champion in and out of the fighting arena. And if he really did retire I think his effort was worth it because he has left a great legacy and respect throughout the taekwondo world.

Carlos Hernandez