An atmosphere of martial arts and Olympic sport was what happened at the 94th International Taekwondo Master Course & 47th Poom/Dan Examiners Course, held in recent days in UNITED STATES, an event supported by several organizations, including the WTA and the California TKD Association.

The promoters of this activity thanked Kukkiwon WTA General Manager, Bang Man Kyu; WTA Section Chief, Bo-Seon Hwang; WTA Professor, An Jae Yoon; and WTA Professor, Kim Bong Hwan; and WTMU President GM Kim, for all their support and confidence. Undoubtedly, the Poomsae and sparring training days were a success.

CUTA satisfied

CUTA board, Grand Masters
Federer UY, Martín Ramirez, Yong Choi, Mary Pham & Masters Derrik Carter, Mauricio Ramirez & Henry Cruz, for a very successful 94th International Taekwondo Master Course & 47th Poom/Dan Examiners Course.

Without a doubt this has been one of the best Kukkiwon courses in the United States, not only for the quality of the speakers, but also for the excellent facilities.We had participants not only California, but many other states and 10 countries.

The highlight of the Kyrougy course was the class of the California Taekwondo instructor, Gus Villa, who gave an impressive exhibition of combat training techniques to the participants.

Thank you everyone for your participation and hope to see you at our next CUTA event, said the organizers.

Carlos Hernández