After the normalisation of the world after the pandemic caused by COVID, Taekwondo in Europe has taken an impressive course of development.

From February to December 2023, 53 events have been scheduled in Europe, and 52 have taken place (except for the Israel Open), with 34,504 registrations, including athletes, coaches and delegates.

This was revealed by Antonio Barbarino (GER), Secretary General of the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) to

Number of events

Under the leadership of Master Sakis Pragalos, world and Olympic ranking championships of great importance have been held in various European cities.

As of today at the Grand Prix Final in Manchester, we have 65 athletes among the top 16 in the world in each category, says the ETU source.

Already at the end of the 2023 calendar, Taekwondo Europe registers; 28 G1 events, four (04) G2 events, three (03) G6 events, two (02) G10 events and one (01) G14 event.

Athletes from five (05) continents have participated in these competitions, involving children, cadets, juniors, seniors, masters, Poomsae and Parataekwondo.

At the World Championships in Baku, 147 countries registered for the event. With these 34,504 registrations, we continue to be inspired for the Olympic year, where the continent will experience the ultimate sporting festival with the Olympic Games, where we hope that our be the protagonists, said Barbarino.

Carlos Hernández