USA-. “We are extremely excited to announce that our Metro Open event will be operating on the internationally recognized 10.0 level. The criteria that needs to be met to obtain this level is very extensive and does not come by often. Our competing athletes are international as well as national, brought together to obtain the highest points for their division. This event is not to be missed by any athlete, coach, Master, or spectator”, says Master Mohamed Elshikh, President, NJ State Taekwondo Association.

Master Mohamed Elshikh, NJ president


This event will be featuring Gen 2 Daedo PSS for all Black Belt Sparring,Daedo PSS Gen 1 for color belt USAT Sparring, Poomse, Breaking, and Weapons.

There is something for all belts, ages, and skill levels. We are looking forward to hosting a very fun, fair , and quality event for everyone.


  • Registration is still open until June 5th, 2019 11:59pm EST. If you have previously registered and are in pending status, please confirm your registration.
  • We look forward to seeing all the wonderful talent at the Metro Open 10.0 and wish all participants have a wonderful experience.

 States and Countries  CONFIRMED attendance for this event.

Countries: Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Niger, Suriname, Hungary, China

States:New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Maryland, New York, Virginia , Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Kentucky, Colorado , Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina , Pennsylvania, Nevada. 

If you have not registered yet you still have time !!

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